Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{11 @ 11} Welcome to the New Age | Fredericksburg, Va Children's Photographer

So, I totally fell off the blogger bandwagon and the lovely old mommy guilt has been weighing on me ever since.  I originally started blogging at the end of '05!!  My Marine husband had just returned from Iraq and I thought "why didn't I start this while he was deployed??"  I was gung ho and excited to share my scrappiness and a little bit about my family with mostly my family.  That original blog has since gone private as I sit here and try to decide whether or not to merge it with this one, as it's been well over a year since I have posted there.  I even had a secondary photo blog that eventually got merged with the original blog, leaving it with almost 700 posts!  WTHeck!?!?!  700 posts.  That's a lot.  

I'm thankful for the "friends" that I made through scrapbooking and my blog.  Now, I don't nearly scrapbook enough (my {s}Craproom is in a constant state of chaos), but not willing to let it go, yet.  Hoping to get organized and get more done.  But when I launched my photography business, almost 2 years, ago, I launched this blog.  I tried to keep it strictly business, but I have shared my kiddos here every now and then.  (Lucky you, this is another one of those posts.) Then this blog became work and because blogging became work, I quit blogging on my personal blog and blogged sessions every now and then here.

Ugh.  The worst 4 letter word, EVER.  w.o.r.k. or more like W.O.R.K.  I just lost that lovin' feelin' (cue Goose & Maverick).  Writing is not my thing.  Never really been my thing, though I *think* stress THINK, I could write a really good young adult novel, which I have wanted to do since at least 5th grade (and actually started one in middle school with a couple of my girlfriends (LouLou & Kim) which we used to share at the bus stop in the morning and after school).  I wonder if I still have that somewhere?  Mine was in a Garfield notebook.  Oh, how I was obsessed with Garfield.  Anyways, I, also, *THINK* I sound like Adele when I sing in my head.  Ummm, can't carry a tune and that's why I lipsync at church.  Lol.  Well, back to what I was saying, when the blog became WORK, it became something that I felt like I had to do and not something that I really wanted to do.  I am going to try to find my way back and TRY to share more and LOVE blogging more.  (L.O.V.E. = much nicer 4 letter word!)

So, let's get on with the show with some very overdue blogging, shall we?

My favorite firstborn turned 11 last Fall and he allowed me to snap a few pics.  (Somewhere along the way of my personal blogging, I started blogging a # of faves that equaled their age for their birthday posts.)

He loves:
  1. Legos & Bionicles...obsessed, creating all kinds of crazy realities
  2. reading (Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, constantly, always
  3. making stop motion videos of whatever he's created
  4. soccer
  5. video games, most recently Skyrim
  6. grits, eggs, & sausage for breakfast
  7. milk, always has a glass
  8. science and knows too much
  9. homeschooling a 2nd year
  10. his long hair (though, it's been cut a little shorter now for summer)
  11. describing in details info that he's learned about dinosaurs, planets, insects, bugs, whatever

I love:
  1. hanging out with him
  2. that he's interested in some of the YA books that I've read, so we can share
  3. that he knows so much, it's mind boggling at times
  4. that he's done so well, with homeschooling, though I'm sure it's a little lonely at times
  5. that he is always sharing his creations with me
  6. that he has created lego versions of our little family, though little dude doesn't like that he has short legs
  7. that he's a pretty simple kid, cool with only an hour of videogames, most days
  8. that he wants to learn how to use Adobe Premiere to make his videos (I will be of no help)
  9. that he's always trying to learn new stuff, googling if he doesn't have the answer
  10. that overall he's a great kid, conscientious of those around him, and makes an effort to be a great kid
  11. that he loves with his whole heart
This isn't to sugarcoat it and pretend that life is grand.  He's definitely hit that age where he is rather moody somedays and wants to be left to himself.  And he does get a little too smart for his britches every now and then, but I love him and am so proud that he's my kid!

Wowzers! That's a lot of blogging for one day.

I wanna give a quick shout out to my husband's cousin, Amy! She just gave birth to her third son yesterday!  She shares fab recipes all the time and is the reigning dessert queen for the Real Women of Philadelphia.  Visit her blog and leave her some love.  My Name is Snickerdoodle!

{Radioactive by Imagine Dragons}

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On & On, I'll Sing if You Keep Dancing | Fredericksburg, Virginia Senior Photography

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous senior recently in downtown Fredericksburg. Her mom brought her two youngest siblings in last year for a 1st and 4th birthday session.  And I was so excited when she inquired about doing senior pictures.  (Mom just happens to have her very own little craft blog, so be sure to check it out.)

The weather was perfect, though, it did get a little chilly later on.  But I don't think we could have had a much better Fall day.  She's a dancer and has been since she was a little girl and now, I'd say she's growing up.  

She was such a natural, too. 

I don't normally share so many on the blog, but helloooo!  Gorgeous.  I will have a few more on my fanpage in a few days.

A girl and her guitar...

She was so much fun and have I said "G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S." yet?

{Young Youth by San Sebastian}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If You Knew My Story Word for Word | Fredericksburg Family Photographer VA

I was beyond thrilled when one of my dearest friends sent me a message to let me know that she'd be in town (or pretty close to it) this past summer and she wanted to do a photosession with her gorgeous blonde girlies.  I met this mama when we (us and them) were at our first Marine Corps duty station, MCAS Beaufort.  

Our stories were very similar, same age, just got married, same-ish background, husbands a month apart through boot camp, and we moved across the breezeway from each other.  I think we kept each other sane with all the craziness that being a military spouse can bring upon it.  We used to have "Game night" and "Friends" night, nights out.  

She was the sister I never had.  She was my Partner In Crime.  We did a lot of growing up and crying on each other's shoulders.  And we watched each other become mamas, 6 months apart.  There wasn't (and still isn't) much that I wouldn't do for this girl.  She's now a mom to 2, a survivor of an awful car wreck, a mini cooper driver, a fighter, a sister, a CROSS-FIT diva, and if we were closer-oh man, the trouble we'd be in! (I need some of those cool socks, too!)  And before this gets too sappy, I love you, girl, and ADMIRE your strength, determination, and am honored that you brought your gorgeous girlies all the way from Miami for me to photograph (nevermind you have family up here).

The magic happened...

Gorgeous blue eyes...


And omigosh at the curls.  The last time I had seen them, the oldest sister was about the same age as  little sis and had more curls, I think. (She's carrying my dollie around and didn't want to let it go.)

A little sisterly love...

And someone tell me how a girl from Michigan (her) ends up in Miami, when this girl (me) from Florida ends up in Virginia.  Crazy!

{Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John}

Thursday, November 3, 2011

He Said It's Crazy How Love Stays with Me | Couples Portrait Photographer Alabama River

To say that I love this girl would be an understatement! And I guess, if I love her, I've got to love him, too, which I do!   She just happens to have been my flower girl when she was 3 and my "fave cuz".  And just two short years ago, my girl was her flower girl. I love that!

I hadn't been back South to visit with family since her wedding, so we were long overdue for a session.  I'm so glad that we got a chance to do it and so glad her husband was up for, too. Love you both and can't wait to see you, again, soon!

This was there very first kiss in the rain!  We were finishing up when it started to sprinkle and...

Just remember she's the boss and you'll be fine, Z.  And T, I am so proud of you and congrats on your upcoming graduation from college!  She's going to be a teacher!!  Love you!!

{Apologies by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Melody Softly Soaring through my Atmosphere | Senior Photographer Ladysmith Day, VA

Well, if you've been around long enough, you might remember this gorgeous and very talented girlie that I got to shoot last summer.  This picture is the one that my husband and I decided (for her) has to be her album cover when it comes out or even better be the cd cover.  ;0)

I have been lucky enough to photograph her and her stunning green eyes, again...

I,  seriously, have the best job in the world!  {Yes, it's a job!  It's how I help my family out and support my photography habit.}  I could not be luckier!

My daughter and I went to Ladysmith Day, again this year, just to see her perform!

One day I'm going to say, "I knew her when..."

{Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie}
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